Burmese Days

youth interacting


For a number of years an Australian Bahá’í resident in Singapore has been accompanying a group of young people aged 12 to 18 to visit the historic community of Bahá’ís in Daidenaw village in Burma. The Burmese Bahá’í community occupies a special place in the history of the Faith and its 800 strong population in Daidenaw . . . → Read More: Burmese Days

Australian Bahá’ís receive Ridván greetings from Prime Minister Julia Gillard

The Prime Minister of Australia, the Honourable Julia Gillard MP, has sent a message to the Australian Bahá’í community on the occasion of the Festival of Ridván – the anniversary of the establishment of the Bahá’í Faith.


I am very pleased to provide this message to the Australian Bahá’í community for this . . . → Read More: Australian Bahá’ís receive Ridván greetings from Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Glad Tidings in the Tuggeranong Valley

Glad Tidings Radio program presenters Valley FM 89.5

“Glad Tidings” Bahá’í Radio Programme in Tuggeranong

Since January this year Bahá’ís have been broadcasting a weekly two hour programme in both Farsi and English on a community radio station that serves mainly residents in the Tuggeranong Valley, south of the City Centre.

Valley FM 89.5 broadcasts to the Tuggeranong Valley and Woden which has a population of approximately . . . → Read More: Glad Tidings in the Tuggeranong Valley

Multicultural Youth Radio is on the Air!

Youth Radio Presenters

“From little things big things grow” might be the motto for what grew out of a junior youth spiritual empowerment program in Belconnen.

Learning how to develop their capacities, improving their power of expression and finding ways to be of service to the community were all key elements of this program which a group of young Sudanese . . . → Read More: Multicultural Youth Radio is on the Air!

Bahá’í New Year Celebrations

Canberra Baha'is at Naw-Ruz Celebration

Bahá’í New Year Celebrations Hit a High Note

Every year Bahá’ís around the world celebrate their New Year on 21st March. It’s a time when friends get together to mark Naw Rúz, literally the “new day”, that has begun. It also marks the end of the annual period of 19 days of fasting.

In . . . → Read More: Bahá’í New Year Celebrations

Invitation to Human Rights Day Commemoration in Canberra

Human Rights Day

12 December 2010

Speak Up: Stop Discrimination

The Baha’i community of Canberra warmly invites you, your family, friends and colleagues to a commemoration of the Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be held on 12 December 2010 at 3pm at the ACT Baha’i Centre, 18 Hickey Court, Weston, ACT.

Join us for keynote addresses . . . → Read More: Invitation to Human Rights Day Commemoration in Canberra

Earth Rise

Earth Nasa

In 1968, for the first time humanity captured an image of the Earth from a distance when the astronauts of Apollo 8 took a photo of ‘Earth Rise’ above the lunar horizon. The image fostered religious, international and environmental sentiment and philosophical reflection. Original Image Source: NASA public . . . → Read More: Earth Rise

SOUL FOOD: Healing through forgiveness


The first Soul Food event will be held at the Bahai Centre, Weston, on Sunday 24 October. A buffet lunch will be provided at 12:15 followed by a full program of spiritual teachings, contemporary philosophies and healing guidance.

The subject of the Soul Food event is “Healing Through Forgiveness”. We will discuss what forgiveness means, . . . → Read More: SOUL FOOD: Healing through forgiveness

“Walk in this Road”

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“The Faith of the Blessed Beauty is summoning mankind to safety and love, to amity and peace; it hath raised up its tabernacle on the heights of the earth, and directeth its call to all nations. Wherefore, O ye who are God’s lovers, know ye the value of this precious Faith, obey its teachings, . . . → Read More: “Walk in this Road”


Welcome to Canberra Bahá’ís

Welcome to the website of the Bahá’í Faith in Canberra.  Here you will find information about our activities, news and services and introductory information about the Bahá’í Faith.

Everyone is welcome to partcipate in our activities such as children’s classes, youth spiritual empowerment courses, devotional meetings and adult study groups.

The . . . → Read More: Welcome