ACT Bahá’í Centre

ACT Bahá'í Centre

The ACT Bahá’í Centre in Canberra is at 18 Hickey Court, Weston. It is a place where everyone is welcome, irrespective of religious or other background.   To visit the Centre contact us by phone or email at the contact details below or come along to the Sunday morning devotional meeting which is held at 10.00 am.

The centre is designed as a community centre and hosts a wide range of activities including children’s classes, devotional meetings, public meetings on a wide range of topics and as an administrative and service centre for the  Bahá’í community residing in the Australian Capital Territory.

The construction of the centre was made possible by the voluntary donations of Bahá’ís from around Australia and the voluntary work of individuals over many years.  The Centre was opened on 10 December 1999 by the Governor General of Australia, Sir William Deane.

Youth play ball on centre grounds

The Centre also hosts the offices of the Australian  Bahá’í Community which serves the community by undertaking work in fields such as human rights, the advancement of the status of women, global prosperity and moral development.